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An Escape to a Balinese-Themed Nail Salon

Beautify your nails and enjoy our revitalizing pedicure spas – in the serenity of this Balinese ambiance.

Be treated by our friendly and skilled manicurists to give you the most delicate nail designs and nail care treatment. 

A comforting and pleasurable experience with no pressure on any sales of packages and products.


Rose Milk Spa Paradiso

Our customer’s favorite –  a 9-steps pedicure spa to give your feet a much-needed TLC! 👣💕
(Around 75 mins. U.P. $138)

Promo $69.90
[Use code SP69 in our booking form to redeem]

* Promo for first-timer only
** Book at least one day in advance with promo code SP69

Step 1. You’ll soak your feet in a rose petal milk spa to moisturize and whiten your skin.

Step 2. We’ll serve you our signature dark chocolate and lemongrass tea, which is known for its many health benefits.

Step 3. Cutting & shaping of your toenails.

Step 4. Pushing & trimming of cuticle skin.

Step 5. Foot scrub to exfoliate the skin, leaving your feet soft, smooth, and healthy.

Step 6. Foot mask infused with comfrey root extract to promote skin cell regeneration, and to reduce fine lines & wrinkles.

Step 7. Warming mitten to accelerate penetration and absorption.

Step 8. Feet and calves massage with lotion to improve blood flow, and to nourish and hydrate the skin.

Step 9. We finish it off with classic pedi nail varnish of up to 2 colors of your choice!

Gelish Mani / Pedi

Gelish Manicure $58
(usual $78)

Gelish Pedicure $68
(usual $88)

[Use code GLMP in our booking form to redeem]

* Promo for first-timer only
** Book at least one day in advance with promo code GLMP

Top-up to enjoy our Collagen Mask promo!

Collagen Hand Mask $25
(usual $48)

Collagen Foot Mask $35
(usual $58)

** To be done with our gelish service

Benefits of Collagen Mask:
✔ All natural ingredients
✔ Keeps skin smooth and supple
✔ Deep moisturising
✔ Double whitening effect


Top-Notch Hygiene Practice

At Jas-Indulge, Your safety and peace-of-mind is our top priority. Here are some of our hygiene and sanitation practices.

Other Safety Practice

By default, we will use filing off removal method as it will be quicker and safer for everyone as no chemical are involve, our skillful manicurist will try their best to avoid damaging the natural nail and apply nourishing oil after.

Soak off gel polish is a gentler and less abrasive method of gel polish removal, do take note that we DO NOT use acetone – a substance that has long known to be harmful for health. Instead we use a gentle soak off solution for gel removal, it will take a longer time but is formulated to be less harsh to the nails so as to minimise damage to the natural nails.

We also offer halal nail polish in our selection of lacquers. Brands we carry include Orly Breathable (certified halal nail polish & 13-free)

At Jas-Indulge, we pride ourselves on providing a diverse selection of services and products, catering to a variety of needs and preferences. For those looking for non-toxic, vegan, crelty free options, we have you covered. We carry trusted brands like Orly Breathable (certified halal nail polish & 13-free), LCN (10-free), and Zoya (5-free). We understand that everyone’s needs are different, which is why we are constanting seeking out the best specialty nail care products available in the market.

What Our Clients Say

I had the most amazing and relaxing mani & pedi here. The staff is so talented and friendly. very gentle and careful. And my feet feel so smooth. Can’t wait for the next appointment!

Siti Ayu M K A

Siti Ayu M K A

Customer (Mani & Pedi)

My friends and I tried a foot spa for the first time, and we were really impressed with the staff. They were friendly and nice, and they were very gentle while scrubbing my feet. The results were fantastic. We had a very enjoyable time there. Great job! Keep it up! 👍

Lay Hoon Khoo

Lay Hoon Khoo

Customer (Mani & Pedi )

It was my first time here, and everyone was super sweet and friendly. The nail tech was gentle and easygoing. As an introvert, I felt comfortable talking to her.

YouZhen Ong

YouZhen Ong

Customer (Mani & Pedi)

Best nail Spa. Pleasant ambiance and wonderful service rendered. My go-to nail Spa.

Sabrina Anna

Sabrina Anna

Customer (Mani & Pedi)

Best nail spa in the west! Pleasant and relaxing ambiance. Excellent service by the three lovely ladies. They were friendly and meticulous, most importantly – No Hard Selling on the package! I extremely love the results of the mani+pedi!



Customer (Mani & Pedi)

Our Awards

Price List

All prices stated are nett.

Manicure & Pedicure

Repolish whenever
(mani) $9.00  | (pedi) $12.00

(mani) $15.00  |  (pedi) $17.00

(mani) $29.00  |  (pedi) $42.00

Express Gelish
(mani) $48.00  |  (pedi) $58.00

Gelish Classique
(mani) $78.00  |  (pedi)  $88.00

Gelish Classique (with return soak off)
(mani) $98.00  |  (pedi) $108.00

Kiddo (below 10)
(mani) $13.00  |  (pedi)  $19.00

Hand & Foot Spa

Rose Milk Spa Paradiso
(mani) $118.00  |  (pedi) $138.00

Organic Spa
(mani) $88.00  |  (pedi) $98.00

LCN Anti-Aging Spa
(mani) $108.00  |  (pedi) $118.00 (red wine leaf)

Voesh Detox 5-steps Spa
(hand) $98.00  |   (feet) $108.00

Therapeutic 4-in-1 Pedicure

Therapeutic 5-in-1 Pedicure


Nail Mask Treatment
(mani) $28.00  |  (pedi) $28.00

Collagen Mask
(mani) $48.00  |  (pedi) $58.00

Collagen Mask Long
(mani) $98.00  |  (pedi) $118.00

Vosh Detox 5-Steps Spa
(mani) $98.00  |  (pedi) $108.00

Ingrown Nail Cutting
(mani) $10.00/nail  | (pedi) $12.00/nail

French Plus
(mani) $10.00  |  (pedi) $10.00

Callus Treatment
$88.00 (ala-carte)
$68.00 (add-on with pedi)

Soak Ball / Fizz Tablet
(mani) $2.00  |  (pedi)  $3.00

Rose Milk Soak
(mani) $18.00  |  (pedi)  $28.00

Other Services

Ex-Gel (Gelish)

Ingrown Nail Treatment
(mani) $80.00/nail  |  (pedi) $80.00/nail

Gel Extension
$15.00/nail  |  $120.00/set
(per set of mani or pedi)

Acrylic Extension
$12.00/nail  |  $100.00/set
(per set of mani or pedi)

Nail Sculpture
$20.00/nail  |  $180.00/set
(per set of mani or pedi)

Infill (acrylic extension)
$10.00/nail  |  $78.00/set
(per set of mani or pedi)

Soak Off
$5.00/nail  |  $20.00/set
(per set of mani or pedi)

Nail Art
$8.00 & above per nail

3D Nail Art
$12.00 & above per nail

Crystal Nail Art
$15.00 & above per nail

** For gentlemen, an additional $5.00 will be applicable

Our Outlets

West Coast Plaza Outlet

154 West Coast Rd, #02-16/17/22 West Coast Plaza, Singapore 127371
Opens Daily: 10:30am - 8:30pmHotline : 62662666

IMM Outlet

2 Jurong East Street 21, #02-33 IMM Building, Singapore 609601
Opens Daily: 11am - 9pmHotline : 62662665

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