Our Hygiene Practices

At Jas-Indulge, we are extra cautious when it comes to your safety and peace-of-mind. Here are some of the hygiene and sanitation practices you can expect to find at every of your Jas-Indulge outlet. Your safety and comfort is our TOP PRIORITY.


Dual disinfecting of hands
At every start of a manicure service, customer will be asked to disinfect their hands with Antimicrobial HandClens, a powerful germ-killing sanitizer.


No more shared nail files and buffing block
Each set nail file and buffer is individually packed and once use, it will be disposed. A new set is use separately for hands and feet.

Metal implements sterilized & sealed
All metal implements are properly sanitized with industrial grade sanitizer before they are individually packed and place in UV Sterilizer for further sanitization.


Spa pedicure chair with pipeless technology
We are committed to change our Spa Pedicure Chairs every 2 to 3 years to ensure the cleaniness of our fixtures. These Chairs are customised for easy sanitization.

With Pipeless Technology, cleaning is as easy as 1-2-3
This pipe free whirlpool system helps to eliminate the contamination of the Spa Pedicure Chairs. It is easy to remove and clean with it's magnetic locking system.


Piped whirlpool tubs can't be thoroughly cleaned
Tradition piped tubs for pedicures can be easily trapped with dead skin that serves as a breeding ground for fungus and bacter

‚ÄčNo razor (commonly known as credo blade)
Never, ever put a razor to your feet. It can lead to serious infection through cuts and transference of blood between customers.